Kristin Goodwin MS, LPC, CEDS





Individual sessions are uniquely designed to help clients unlock their inner thoughts, feelings and behaviors needed for healing and growth. This is also where trauma and trauma responses are uncovered, understood, and healed. I believe that each person can find insights and solutions for their lives when they are in a supportive environment, which empowers an authentic acceptance of self and the desired change that they then carry outside of session.

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There may be times when concerns arise that need to be addressed as a family unit. Whether it is an individual or group concern, family therapy provides clients with structure, collaboration, and support to restore and strengthen the family unit.

Eating Disorder Prevention,
Intervention & Education

Eating Disorders are an incredibly complex and often times misunderstood issue. Those struggling with an eating disorder can feel very alone in their day to day life and cling to their eating disorder as a means of both control and comfort. Their behaviors can be misinterpreted by their loved ones, which further increase the divide between families and the individual struggling. My goal is to not only provide support and specific tools for the client but also education and empowerment to the family members.

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Activity Based Therapy

Activity Therapy can range from art, music, sports, to other therapeutic activities that the therapist brings in based on the client’s needs. Activity based therapy allows children, adolescents, and teens to explore their presenting concerns with a different approach than traditional talk therapy. Activity based therapy is a unique form of therapy to assist younger clients in finding personalized solutions to the concerns currently affecting their lives.


Strength is not the ability to stay out of the darkness; it's the ability to sit present in the darkness knowing that the light will shine again

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